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                                  My commision rate is all extras!
                                         I hold special auctioneer on-site insurance. 

Don't take a chance with businesses that do not have on-site liability and business insurance.  Insurance is an important item that is not mandatory in NC! 

                    Estate--Commerical--Liquidation--Benefit--Personal Property
         Buying or selling at auction offers the very definition of efficiency and quality.

Key to a successful auction is not the speed of the auctioneers chant, but the ability to market and promote the auction.  Presentation, promotion and advertising are the true keys to a successful auction. 

A fast-paced auction is the most efficient ways of converting your property or assets into immediate cash.  You could be selling sentimental prized possessions, liquidating a household or businesses, settling an estate, selling new, old or damaged retail or wholesale stock, holding a fund raiser or just having a "fun day".

You can have an on-site auction or we could move your items to a neutral site or combine with another estate.  On-site sales are great for moving entire households.  In North Carolina they can be advertised as "Estate Auctions" but it must be noted if the estate is living or deceased.  You do not have to note the owners name but it is a great way to get those additional collectors if it is noted.  There is no sales tax charged if the auction is an estate sale on site. 

Basic on-site "Estate" packages could include:  

  • Professional Staff
  • Pre-auction evaluation 
  • Web Advertising on Auctionzip
    • Photos of items of interest
    • Search able auction listing
  •  Local newsprint advertising and/or mailing postcards to customers 
  • Sign for the front yard
  • Tables for presentation of items. 
  • Portable convenience center if water not available on property
  • Refreshments on auction day
  • Settlement could be offered day of auction or within 5 business days. 
  • Selling rates are set on pre-auction evaluation.  Size and type of estate set the percentage of commission charged.   WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR ADVERTISING AND MARKETING...THAT IS AN AUCTIONEERS JOB!

Other Auction Options:
    Move items to a neutral site or another estate auction.  Items are consigned .  We also could package a clean-out of the property, trash removal, and delivery of items....we try to take the stress off the executors/administrators.

  • Great if you only have a couple items to a truck load
  • Fantastic for specialty items and collections
  • Partial estate liquidations
  • Moving sales
  • Business merchandise liquidations


    Live auctions are special events that draw in people again and again.  People attend out of curiosity about what is unique or need to purchase a "must have".

Before you Bid:

  • Register with the cashier to get your bidders number
    • Drivers License will be needed
  • Understand the "terms and conditions"
  • Know the type of auction
    • absolute:  no minimum bid or reserve to sell.
    • reserve:  the minimum amount that will be accepted.  
    • subject to seller confirmation
Need more information about having an auction in North Carolina?  

Call the licensed & insured professional who will supply you with local references from executors, banks, law offices, NCDOR, businesses and individuals.

Don't take a chance with an unlicensed estate seller/buyer.  They are not regulated by the state. 

Executors of estates could receive 5% off the standard commision charge in now for details

Please call Cathy 
  (828) 446-7139         
License Numbers:  NCAL #8908  

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