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In cases where the best sales venue is through a tag sale, CK Fagan will provide comprehensive service in conducting the sale for immediate liquidation while maximizing profit for the seller. 

Estate tag sales present the items for sale in more of a retail environment.  Items are priced at suggested sale prices.

Example of service package is offered:

  • Inventory, catalog, lot and price all estate items
  • Prepare items for sale allowing for best presentation
  • Photograph items of interest for brochure
  • Provides all tables needed to display items for sale
  • Provides liability insurance for on-site sale
  • Provides employees needed for a successful sale (Sales, clerk, cashier and manager)
  • Provide orderly entry to sale with numbering system and managing amount of people on site
  • Sales Manager (CK Auction) responsible for collection of payments.
  • Provides outdoor comfort stations, if needed.
  • Make available refreshments
  • Advertise in column classifieds of local paper for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Provides local fliers and promotes within community
  • Supplies local sign for yard
  •  Remove trash left by sale customers.

Packages are offered at a set commission percentage.  If all items do not sell at Estate Sale, items may be consigned to 

Be sure to have an insured professional handle your sale....don't take chances.

If you need more information or would like to schedule your tag sale please call

                                (828) 446-7139 
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